We provide our Clients access professional network of Wealth Managers and tailor-made product solution providers.  This market expertise and solid, specialized investment advice are coupled with execution capabilities and global distribution channels.  We offer complete client services including Margin Loans, 144 Sales, IRA Accounts, Stock Loans, Options, and Portfolio Strategies.


Optimize today’s opportunities, prepare for tomorrow’s challenges while working to achieve your future goals with our Private Client Services.  Today’s high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth Client deserves an outstanding level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail. 

Our Private Banking division is designed to tailor to those needs.  We offer flexible portfolio management solutions.  Call or email today and ask about our Private Client Services for a free, no-obligation consultation.


We are not a deal shop.  By that, we mean that we do our homework and source very select investment banking opportunities before we invest in the business with our client’s hard-earned assets, resources, and time.  We work for the long-run.  In other words, we are more than selective on behalf of our Clients. 

We strongly believe it is not only how much you raise but even more importantly what ultimately becomes of the funds you do raise.  How the companies you raise the funds for executing and perform and what good comes out of that time, effort, and money.   Which is why we only get involved in deal we truly believe to be the best opportunities for our investors. 

We don’t participate in deals just to do a deal.  We have strong experience in raising capital for early-stage, growth, and more mature companies in a broad cross-section of sectors and industries.  Find out what we can provide for your company.



The Liberty Platform

Established and in continuous operations since 1984, Liberty Associates, Inc. is a specialty boutique broker-dealer.  Our mission is to serve the needs of Investors which include the Private and Institutional Investors.  Our clients include Corporations, their Retirement plans and ESOP requirements, Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge-Funds, Family Office Operations, Foundations, and Charitable Organizations.  

For over 35 years Liberty Associates, Inc. operated as a closely held, privately owned FINRA/NASD member.  Today our operations continue to evolve within the changing financial services landscape.  

Our primary mission continues to be to provide a truly Client 1st focused platform.  We strive to and provide unbiased, comprehensive investment solutions with superior service and technology with a Client first business philosophy. 

We only offer a highly exclusive team of Financial Advisors who are servicing Clientele on a national basis.  Always within our Client 1st business philosophy, we operate with our unique blend of old fashion integrity, hands-on, high-touch, high-service methodology.  We couple our old fashion business integrity approach with modern, leading-edge technology.  We utilize a systems approach to investing, operating, and service.

Our hybrid business model combines both the traditional brick and mortar operations coupled with the independent, franchise platform approach.  This allows us to structure the operating system to leverage our technology to support both our in-house Wealth Advisor Representatives and the seasoned independent operator who is building their own offices and brand nationwide.  Our system is designed to allowing both operation structures to allow every opportunity to provide excellence to their Clientele.

Liberty’s ownership, management, and professional personnel are dedicated team members who have a deep understanding of investing, the securities business, and only the strongest desire to help our clients.  We only partner with those who truly care about each and every Client and their hard-earned assets.  

We are a full-service, national network of independent financial advisors that strive to provide outstanding service, technology, and support in helping our clients with their investment, growth, maintenance, and retirement goals.  We are experienced financial consultants that work very hard to know how to help investors meet their goals.

Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) status are available for the seasoned, qualified Wealth Advisor Representatives.  We provide a unique combination of old-fashioned personalized service with the latest technology and product offerings through our relationship with the Royal Bank of Canada, USA one of the largest and most prestigious international banks, clearing and custodian Prime Broker-Dealers.  RBC USA is an NYSE member.

Liberty Associates, Inc is also a member of the following securities regulatory and investor protection organizations:  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).   In combination with RBC USA further, provide excess private insurance protection for all our client’s accounts.

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Fees and Commissions:  Liberty Associates, Inc. charges industry-standard fees and commissions based on the products and services we provide our Clientele.  These charges can vary, are negotiable, and are reported on a fully-disclosed basis.  Contact Us for greater details and find out how we can help you reach your goals today!  

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