Investment Banking

Our objective is to help all our Clients for the long-run.  With that said, we are not a deal house!  We do not participate in syndicated deals to take on assignments for the sake of executing a deal and for the revenue that brings.  Our Clients and their assets are far too valuable.  We work with Client’s where we truly believe in the results they are attempting to achieve.  Clients that seek to make a meaningful difference to society and their community.  And then, we support them for the long-run.  We source and seek opportunities that can potentially bring about real positive social impact.  We consider ourselves socially responsible broker-dealer, seeking to create valuable jobs that can help the community and to facilitate valuable products that improve society as a whole.

When we engage, we work tirelessly for the corporate client, their investors, and our communities!

Corporate Advisory

Every company needs relationships they can truly count on.  Relationships that will work tirelessly to help achieve their unique possibilities.  We can be that team for you.  Our goal is to build successful, long-term relations that focus on your specific needs.  We know this is how success achieved. This is what the Liberty Platform provides our very select clients.

Strategic Advice

You only need valuable advice that will positively impact your ability to succeed.  With our diversified, boutique, family office support structure this is what we tirelessly seek to provide.  We work very hard to bring timely insight, critical advice, and thoughtful guidance.  Find out what we can do for you.

Placement Agent

You have worked so hard and laid all the groundwork to be here today.  You have built the infrastructure, the team, and created the products and services.  Now you need a placement agent. A team with the resources that works just as hard or even harder as you have to bring your company the resources you now need to get to the next level.  This is the Liberty Platform.