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Are you an Independent team operating as an OSJ or an Independent Individual managing your unique book of business, or perhaps you are working in a traditional w2 employee relationship, our “Liberty-Hybrid Platform” is currently offering outstanding opportunities for a few select candidates.  We are seeking qualified financial representative professionals to join our leadership team.  We come from the production side of the business and understand what it takes to acquire, establish, and maintain relationships.  The “Liberty-Hybrid Platform” was specifically created and is in place to help our financial professionals achieve maximum flexibility, operate efficiently, stay compliant, execute, and grow.  We have purposely built in the flexibility to offer you the freedom to operate in a manner that is best for you and your book-of-business.

If you have been only thinking about taking greater control of your own business or are already seriously contemplating making the move to take control of your professional life, and elevating your business to the next level, we will help.  We can start with a confidential and thoughtful discussion because our leadership team has been there just like you.

Our “Hybrid-Business-Model” was designed to offer flexibility, freedom, and liberty through both our in-house and independent platforms.  We can provide you with the traditional brick and mortar office within our prime office executive suites or you can choose to operate independently, remotely, and even build or continue to grow your own unique brand.  The choice is totally yours.  Information is power and we are truly interested in helping.  Find out what Liberty can do today.  Contact us and schedule your 100% confidential appointment to explore your options, opportunities, and obtain your credentials:

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